Thursday, September 4, 2008

Responding to Brakhage

Of course it would be Stanley Brakhage, the yoda of experimental filmmaking, teaching us the basics. The first part of his article was exactly that, basic. I almost laughed at how trivial the part was where he began talking about how to physically project an image from film..."you would have to concentrate bright light thru it and focus it sharply thru some lens..." Part two, the letter, was a step up the ladder though. The writing almost became more poetic and like a memoir of his previous filmmaking. I liked reading him talk about his films that I've seen in previous classes, such as Mothlight and Dog Star Man. Part three was a flash back to Shannon's Doc Production class last semester, as we had used a seconic light meter and talked about different film stocks and all that jazz. I had to reread the part concerning the "Rayogram" to figure out what the hell he was talking about. Overall, the reading has allowed me to become more anxious to figure out/perform new experimental techniques so I can make sense of all the ramblings of the genius that is Brakhage.

"...And yet I don't want to discourage you from attempting anything, no matter how impossible seeming, which might permit your muses to show us all something new..." I accept your challenge Stan.

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