Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finding my way back from the land of sleep...

So I have now unintentionally missed two classes in a row. And feel like an underachieving jackass. I don't do this...why is this happening? Well what's done is done and the only thing I can do now is try my best to catch up and not let my partner down.

As far as the cameraless filmmaking goes...I'd have to say I feel like I've had more hands on experience in the first two weeks than in a whole semester of any other production class I've taken thus far. I really enjoyed the magazine transfers, mainly because it was an experience seeing everyone work independently and then contribute their work to one large piece of film stock. Now I'm not a painter, but I'd have to say I was pretty proud of my little bit of dabbling on the film stock at the end of class. I experimented a little with combining colors and having them metamorphize into images with meaning.

I really, really wish I wasn't being such a failure at making it to class. I'm going to have to talk to my partner Jamie about what we did the past two weeks in order to catch up and try to gain some kind of understanding of what I missed. I guess I'll experiment around when working on our elements project in order to see what I missed out on. Sorry Andre, Sorry Jamie!

But I WILL be there next week and ready for the multi-plane animation session.

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