Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cucalorus - Thursday and Beyond

Thursday was kind of a fall-through day because I tried to attend two of the special events that were going on and couldn't get into either of them. First I tried to go on the Blue Velvet tour because I had just recently seen Blue Velvet for the first time (truly the best Wilmington film so far) and thought it would be sweet to check out the locations (especially interiors) where David Lynch and crew shot. The tour ended up being full and I couldn't go (only 24 people???), so I hung around downtown for a little bit. Someone reminded me that Kodak's 'Stop by, shoot film' thing that was going on. I had heard last year from a few people who went and they said it was a lot of fun and good experience so I headed there. Of course, that event was full too, but it's okay, because I'm taking 16mm Narrative with Hulse next semester and plan on shooting 16 then. I went into Thalian hoping to catch a film but nothing looked very good and I was flying solo, so I kind of just gave up. So Thursday was kind of a bummer overall.

Later that night I went to a friends 21st birthday dinner and afterwards we headed to Jengo's (even though only half of us were film majors) to grab some free drinks. Fortunately we all got in a hung around long enough to have a beer with Hulse and Pack (what's with the absence of liquor this year? Not easy to complain about free beer though....). I also got to play around a little with the VJ equipment that had been set up, thanks to Jordan Leonard, Dr. Kreul and the majority of my Experimental Production class. I missed the main show but I heard the VJ'ing went great and could tell by playing with the Midi keyboard and seeing all the possibilities of manipulating the various media. Cool stuff.

I had to work Friday and Saturday. I was planning on attending the after party Saturday night but I got out of work around 12:30 and just didn't feel like cruising downtown by myself in the cold. I was a little disappointed that I had missed some good films like "A Day's Work", "Good Dick" and some various shorts, all of which I heard were amazing. I would have really liked to see some of the docs that were playing this year, as I think I chose to see none just because I saw so many last year. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on those later when the DVDs come out. I'd say overall I had a better film fest experience than I did last year. I saw more films, got to meet some pretty cool people and got to know some of my classmates a little better. Now I'd like to broaden my horizons and attend some other festivals, whether here locally or in California, if I ever get out there...

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