Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Take One, Action, Cut, That Was Perfect.

The Bolex shoot was pretty amazing, simply put. I showed up with low expectations but left extremely impressed with every single project. It was cool being part of another groups project while waiting to shoot mine. Just seeing how their project evolved and flowed helped warm us up for ours. My group (Dillan, Russ, Jamie) and I had a general idea to launch off of (doing the one-shot out of the back of a car), Jamie showed up with ridiculously awesome props, and it all just flowed from there. It was unbelievably amazing that everyone (and I mean almost the entire class, including you Andre) pitched in to help out our shoot. I strongly believe the collaboration made everyone's project the most it could be. Being the camera operator was a priviledge, too, because that's pretty much the position I most desire to work in film. So pat on the back to my group for the awesome ideas, cheers to Andre and the rest of the class and extras for support, but most of all....special thanks to the free rice cakes.

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Six X. One said...

Ah, the rice cakes - poignant . . . yet not overbearing - with a nutty flavor that could go well with either pheasant or cheese.